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Convert mBank export file to MT940 format

Fork of https://github.com/gerwin3/revolut-to-mt940

This small Python script converts mBank export files (in CSV) to MT940. You can use the MT940 to import statements in some bookkeeping software like SnelStart (which it was built for).


This script comes without any warranty whatsoever. Do not use it in production. Do not use it if you are not familiar with how banks work, how bookkeeping software works, and if you do not have the technical know-how to make changes to this script yourself if something breaks. If you do use this script it might kill your cat or start World War 3. Don't come to me, I warned you.


  • It is specifically built for getting mBank transactions into SnelStart.
  • Parses the mBank CSV file and extracts: timestamp, counterparty name, transaction description, transaction amount, fee amount, balance after transaction, counterparty IBAN.
  • This information is converted into a valid MT940 file.
  • mBank charges fees for transactions. These are included in the transaction (as mBank sees it). This could cause problems when importing into bookkeeping software as the amounts do not match up. This script will not include fees in transactions but insert "fake" transactions for each deducted fee. You will see those transactions separately in your bookkeeping software but in mBank they are included in the transaction.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Make sure you have Python 3.
  3. Run the following command:
python3 main.py \
	--in /path/to/mBank.csv \
	--out /path/to/mt.940