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{{!< default}}
{{!-- The tag above means - insert everything in this file into the {body} of the default.hbs template --}}
<header class="site-archive-header">
{{> site-header}}
{{> header-background background=feature_image}} {{!--Special header-image.hbs partial to generate the background image--}}
<div class="inner site-header-content">
<h1 class="site-title">{{name}}</h1>
<h2 class="site-description">
{{#if description}}
A collection of {{plural ../ empty='posts' singular='% post' plural='% posts'}}
{{!-- The main content area --}}
<main id="site-main" class="site-main outer">
<div class="inner posts">
<div class="post-feed">
{{#foreach posts}}
{{!-- The tag below includes the markup for each post - partials/post-card.hbs --}}
{{> "post-card"}}